Empowering homemakers to become entrepreneurs

first_imgEarning appreciation from general public for their culinary skills is a dream for many homemakers. And to help accomplish it, a food tech start-up named ‘Nanighar’ was launched recently.’Nanighar’ is an app-based home cooked food delivery service with cloud kitchen facility. It will help in empowering women in their own kitchens and supporting them to become independent entrepreneurs. Speaking at the launch event, Founder Debjani Mukherjee, said, “It’s an initiative, keeping in mind women empowerment, while supporting homemakers in realising their long-cherished dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Through Nanighar we have also tried to bring back old local culinary dishes like Pithe, puli, chital machermuthyaa, echarerdalna, mocharghanto and more, which are becoming rare in today’s time. Not only Bengali dishes, ‘Nanighar’ will also bring many cuisines like Rajasthani, Parsi, Punjabi, Sindhi, Coastal, at your doorstep. Also Read – An income drop can harm brain’Nanighar’ is not a mere food delivery company, rather a platform and an opportunity for those who have the talent to use their culinary skills, to work from their home kitchen and become an entrepreneur. Speaking about her association with ‘Nanighar’, Rachana Banerjee, Brand Ambassador, Nanighar said, “This service app is unique and much required for people staying away from home. It will also help mom chefs in becoming financially independent. I being an independent woman always support women achievers”. Also Read – Shallu Jindal honoured with Mahatma AwardPresent at the launch, actor Subhasree said, “This service provides an opportunity for both working and non-working men and women to be their own bosses and pursue their creative culinary skills while making decent earning. You may be a young mom with small kids or whose kids are grown up and have ample time to utilise. You may be a dad who used to love cooking but could never try because of 9 to 5 job. Whatever it may be, this platform is the door way to nourish and earn through your skill.” Debjani is an alumnus of IIM Calcutta and MICA, and holds two-decade experience of working with the top corporates in Eastern India. In her own words, she has the bug of making a difference with her ideas, providing solutions for sustainable ecosystems. She wishes to run successful ventures and generate employment for many – especially helping more and more women in becoming financially independent.last_img read more

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Freeland calls exenvoys advice to China about election highly inappropriate

first_imgOTTAWA — Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland is distancing the Trudeau government from its former ambassador to China, a day after he said he has warned Chinese officials that further punishments against Canada could help the opposition Conservatives win the fall election.Asked by reporters today about John McCallum’s remarks, Freeland said it’s highly inappropriate for any Canadian to advise a foreign government on how it can influence an election result in Canada.In her response about McCallum, she also made a point of highlighting the government’s ongoing efforts to protect Canada from foreign election interference.McCallum’s recent comments to the South China Morning Post came with the two countries locked in a diplomatic dispute that has seen Chinese authorities block key imports from Canada and detain two Canadians on espionage charges.He told the newspaper that he warned his contacts in China’s foreign ministry that further negative actions against Canada would help the Conservatives, a party he described as much less friendly to China.McCallum, an economist and Liberal cabinet minister before he was named an ambassador, was fired by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in January after going off-script in the government’s efforts to win the release of detained Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor.He’s now an adviser specializing in China-Canada business at law firm McMillan.Speaking to reporters on a conference call from London, Freeland said liberal democracy is under threat as countries like Canada try to address foreign election interference.“Let me say first of all — very clearly — that Mr. McCallum does not speak for the government of Canada,” Freeland said, reminding reporters that he was asked to resign earlier this year.“I think that it is highly inappropriate for any Canadian to be offering advice or opinions to any foreign government on how that government ought or ought not to behave to secure any particular election outcome in Canada.“Nor should any Canadian be advising a foreign government on which electoral outcomes would be best for that government. Canada’s election is about Canadians full stop.”The diplomatic conflict erupted in December when Canadian authorities arrested Chinese high-tech executive Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver on a U.S. extradition warrant.The arrest of Huawei’s Meng has enraged the Chinese government, which has demanded her release.In the days following Meng’s arrest, Chinese authorities detained Kovrig, a Canadian diplomat on leave, and Spavor, an entrepreneur, on allegations of undermining China’s national security.Chinese officials have also increased inspections on Canadian goods that have led to the suspension or obstruction of key agricultural imports, including meat and canola.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

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UNs capacity to monitor EthiopiaEritrea frontier deteriorating – official

“Our visibility of what is happening on the ground has continued to deteriorate,” Jean-Marie Guéhenno told reporters following his closed-door briefing to the Security Council. “It is probably about 40 per cent now that we can really monitor with some measure of confidence.”Constraints on the movements of the UN mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE), which is charged with monitoring their peace accord, “have continued to not only be there but to tighten,” Mr. Guéhenno said, adding that there are limitations in the TSZ and on its north and south sides, diminishing the UN’s capacity to monitor the area.The Under-Secretary-General also pointed to troop movements, which have been reported on the Eritrean and Ethiopian sides. “Both sides disclaim any intent to go to war,” he said. While there is no sign of an imminent war, he said “the kind of posture that the respective armed forces are taking creates a very unstable and very dangerous situation.”Mr. Guéhenno also voiced concern about the safety of UN workers in the area. “We now have had eight peacekeepers who have had to be evacuated by road in very difficult circumstances” because flights have been suspended, he said. “So we have troop contributing countries who – because of their commitment to peace and security – are putting their people at some risk.”A peacekeeping mission, he stressed, “can support the peace process – it can not substitute for it.”Absent a commitment to by Ethiopia and Eritrea, “we can not enforce a peace between those two countries,” he said. read more

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Guterres sounds alarm over worst cashflow crunch in years

In a letter to UN staff, Secretary-General António Guterres stated that he had “written to Member States regarding the troubling financial situation facing the United Nations”.“Caused primarily by the delayed contributions of Member States to the Regular Budget, this new cash shortfall is unlike those we have experienced previously”, he wrote. “Our cash flow has never been this low so early in the calendar year, and the broader trend is also concerning:  we are running out of cash sooner and staying in the red longer”.At the end of June this year, the amount of money paid by Member States for the 2018 assessment stood at around $1.49 billion.  At the same time last year, the amount paid to the regular budget was just over $1.70 billion.So far this month, Iraq, Moldova, Japan, Lithuania and Mexico have paid their contributions, leaving the outstanding amount owed for 2018, at nearly $810 million, with 81 States yet to pay.“I have appealed to Member States to pay their assessments on time and in full, and highlighted the risk the current situation poses to the delivery of mandates and to the reputation of our Organization,” Mr. Guterres wrote in the letter.Speaking to journalists at UN Headquarters, his Spokesman Stéphane Dujarric said that the UN fully understands that some Member States operate on different fiscal timetables, but unlike in previous years, the cash flow has never been this low, so early in the calendar year.He also said the UN does not have much financial flexibility and relies on Member States to pay their dues on time and in full.Mr. Dujarric added that the UN Secretariat would now be looking into ways of reducing expenses, with a focus on non-staff costs. read more

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Did Your Team Blow It At The Trade Deadline

The Blue Jays bought, the Tigers sold and the Mets couldn’t make up their mind. Baseball’s trade deadline, which passed last Friday afternoon, is all about balancing the present against the future. Whether they’re buyers or sellers (or just renters), all deadline-dealers have to evaluate both their World Series chances for the current season and where they will be in the “success cycle” going forward. Blunders in either type of assessment can haunt a franchise for years.It’s a lot to deal with, and not every team manages the process perfectly. To help model these deadline decisions, we developed a metric we’ve nicknamed the “Doyle Number.” It’s named after the infamous 1987 trade in which the Detroit Tigers sent future Hall of Famer John Smoltz, then a 20-year-old prospect, to the Atlanta Braves for 36-year-old Doyle Alexander.In principle, the definition of the Doyle Number is simple. It represents the rate at which, at the trade deadline, teams should be willing to trade talent in the future for talent in the current season in order to maximize the total number of World Series that it wins. For instance, if a team has a Doyle Number of 2, that means buying a win’s worth of talent in the current season1Note our phrasing here: By a “win’s worth of talent,” we mean a win per 162 games. This won’t be worth a full win in the standings as of the trade deadline because there are only 60 or so games left to play. As we’ll describe later, however, much of the benefit of acquiring players at the trade deadline comes from improving the roster for the postseason rather than during the balance of the regular season. at the trade deadline is worth giving up two wins in the future. By contrast, a team with a Doyle Number of 0.25 should only be willing to give up one-quarter of a future win for a win now. Not only should such a team not buy wins at that price — it should probably sell veteran talent at the deadline instead, in exchange for prospects.The Doyle Number is calculated based on a team’s estimated “true talent,” a concept that’s equivalent to its projected winning percentage for the rest of the year, as of the trade deadline.2This can be measured by any number of gauges; in this case, we used the most predictive cocktail of preseason statistical forecasts and betting over/unders, updated in-season with pythagorean records. The Doyle also includes the team’s odds of making the divisional playoff round.3In other words, we’re essentially ignoring the wild card “play-in” game. In practice, the calculation gets slightly involved, so we’ve reserved most of the methodological discussion for the footnotes.4First, our model projects a team’s odds of reaching the divisional playoffs in the current season as a function of its estimated true talent and its “coin flip mode” playoff odds (its odds of making the playoffs if every remaining game were 50/50) as of July 31. This allows us to estimate how a team’s playoff odds change if it adds or subtracts talent at the deadline.To calculate a team’s chance of winning the World Series, conditional upon reaching the playoffs, we use a binomial distribution to estimate its chance of winning a five-game divisional series, a seven-game league championship series, and a seven-game World Series against opponents with 90-win true talent, which is the historical average for teams that reached the divisional playoffs.Through a similar process, our model also calculates a team’s chances of winning the World Series in each of the six subsequent seasons. The model accounts for the fact that a team’s true talent level regresses fairly heavily toward the mean of an 81-81 record, but that the margin of error increases the more years you project a team’s record into the future.The model assumes that for each win a team adds at the trade deadline, it subtracts one-sixth of a win in each of the next six seasons. For example, a team that adds six wins of true talent at the 2015 trade deadline will have one win of true talent subtracted from its projection in each year from 2016 through 2021.The Doyle Number acts as a multiplier on a team’s future win projection. For instance, at a Doyle Number of 2, the aforementioned team would lose two wins of talent from its projection in future seasons instead of one. The Doyle Number is set such that by adding an epsilon of talent, the net change in the number of World Series a team projects to win over current and future seasons is zero — in other words, the point at which the near-term benefit from making the trade exactly offsets the long-term cost.But it’s important to pay attention to that two-word phrase we used above: “World Series.” In Doyle, it’s all about the rings! A lot of previous analyses, including some that we’ve published ourselves, have focused on a team’s chance of making the playoffs. If that’s your main goal, you’ll eventually encounter diminishing returns: A team with 100-win talent as of the trade deadline is all but certain to make the playoffs, for instance, so adding more talent won’t accomplish very much.Winning a championship is another matter, however. It’s hard for any team to win the World Series, but it’s much harder for a team, like the 2005 San Diego Padres, that sneaks into the playoffs with a league-average roster. Just as in the NCAA basketball tournament, relatively modest talent differentials can compound over several playoff rounds. A team with 80-win talent has only about a 5 percent chance of winning the World Series, conditional on making the divisional playoffs; a team with 90-win talent has a 12 percent chance. A team with 100-win talent has a 24 percent chance.One of the biggest lessons of Doyle, in fact, is that adding the talent to win once you’re in the playoffs is probably more important than picking up enough talent to merely get there. The point at which adding an extra win of talent stops accelerating a playoff team’s World Series odds upward is about 118 wins — a level of true talent reserved for the best All-Star teams ever. Realistically, you can never add too much talent if you’re gearing up to win a World Series.But let’s see how this plays out in practice. Below, we’ve listed the Doyle Number for the 30 major league teams as of the trade deadline last week.The highest Doyle Number (2.07) belongs to the St. Louis Cardinals, who are probably the best team in baseball, with more than 96 wins of talent and a 21 percent likelihood of winning the World Series. Even though St. Louis already had a completely stacked roster and a very high likelihood of making the division series without any trades, the increase in championship probability upon entering the MLB postseason would have made even a lopsided long-term trade worth it. The Cardinals should have been prepared to give away as many as two wins of future talent to get one win at the trade deadline.5In reality, St. Louis made a series of small moves, acquiring Brandon Moss, Steve Cishek and Jonathan Broxton.That the Cardinals (and the Los Angeles Dodgers and Washington Nationals) top the Doyle rankings runs a bit counter to the conventional wisdom, which says that less-talented teams have the most to gain from a big splash at the trade deadline. However, as long as a team’s Doyle Number is above 1, they’d be better off buying than selling. That’s why Doyle also would have recommended a classic buyer’s mentality for the Kansas City Royals, New York Yankees and Houston Astros — three teams that have found themselves in the midst of far better seasons than would be expected from their talent. This suggests the Royals were right to go for broke in the short term; for them, each marginal win of talent added in 2015 is worth forsaking about 1.5 wins of future talent.Of course, while we’ve focused exclusively on trade-deadline buyers thus far, other teams had to decide whether they’d be better off selling current assets for future wins. The Philadelphia Phillies, to take an extreme example, have literally no use for extra talent in 2015 because they’re all but eliminated from the playoffs. Therefore, their Doyle Number was 0.00.The Detroit Tigers had a Doyle Number of just 0.14, which would heavily recommend selling. In fact, the Tigers dealt stars David Price and Yoenis Cespedes at the deadline; it didn’t make manager Brad Ausmus happy, but Doyle was pleased.Indeed, selling is almost always right for teams on the outer fringes of playoff contention (before the deadline, the Tigers had only about a 7 percent chance of reaching the divisional playoffs). The average team begins the regular season with a 27 percent chance of making the divisional playoffs. If a team’s playoff odds are lower than that as of the trade deadline, it should usually sell.The in-between cases can be tricky, however. Despite having a talented roster, the Toronto Blue Jays entered the trade deadline with only about a 26 percent chance of making the playoffs. But they probably added the most talent at the deadline of any team in baseball in the form of Price and Troy Tulowitzki, sending numerous prospects packing.Their Doyle Number of 0.77 is slightly below 1, which might initially suggest that they made the wrong move. In fact, however — and we’ve avoided introducing this complication until now — a team’s Doyle Number varies based on how many wins of talent it might add or subtract. Teams like the Blue Jays actually enter the trade deadline with a ‘U’-shaped curve like the one you see below.We know this is getting abstract, but it has a really important baseball implication. It means that for a team like Toronto, the worst strategy is standing pat. In terms of maximizing its total number of World Series championships, it should either add talent at the deadline or punt on the season and play for future years. By Doyle’s logic, in fact, teams should be going “all-in,” moving as aggressively as possible in one or the other direction at the deadline. Adding two stars, like the Jays did with Tulo and Price, is better than one.6This is a consequence of the finding we described above: The marginal gain in World Series probability tends to increase, not diminish, with additional talent added. This also applies to the Mets, who, after getting cold feet on Carlos Gomez, eventually did deal for Cespedes. Doyle’s complaint might be that the Mets weren’t aggressive enough: They could have added a Cespedes for the rest of us and a star second baseman too!The Doyle system admittedly represents a vast simplification compared with all the considerations that could be included in such a model. Future iterations might take into account factors like a team’s financial situation and the quality of its minor-league system, among other things.7In addition, it can be hard in practice to add talent to an already stacked roster. But it at least offers a broad set of guidelines upon which to judge a front office’s decision-making process.While Doyle doesn’t vindicate every dubious decision — the Tigers had a 34 percent chance of making the playoffs on the date they traded for Alexander in 1987, which would have made for a close call — it suggests that teams should often be quite aggressive at the deadline. A team needs to be honest with itself about whether its World Series chances are legitimate, but if they are, it might never get a better chance at a championship. read more

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Poll Do you approve of Attorney General Máire Whelan being nominated to

first_img Short URL http://jrnl.ie/3449539 Saturday 17 Jun 2017, 9:50 AM YesNoI don’t knowVote No (10118) 64 Comments I don’t know (1170) 24,040 Views Máire Whelan Image: PA Archive/PA Images Jun 17th 2017, 9:50 AM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article IN PULLING TOGETHER his first Cabinet last week, new Taoiseach Leo Varadkar also brought forth a new Attorney General in Seamus Woulfe.Woulfe’s ascension to the pivotal legal role in the State saw the previous Attorney General Máire Whelan, who had held the job since 2011, vacate her position for a role as a judge at the Court of Appeal.However, it subsequently became clear that Whelan had not in fact applied for the position she had been nominated for, a move which has drawn sharp criticism from the opposition benches, amid claims the move amounts to ‘stroke politics’.Government minister Shane Ross has called for a review of the appointment, while fellow Independent Alliance minister Finian McGrath has sought to dampen speculation over the move by insisting he has ‘full confidence’ in Whelan.But what do you think?We’re asking: Do you approve of Attorney General Máire Whelan being nominated to the Court of Appeal without having applied for the job? Poll: Do you approve of Attorney General Máire Whelan being nominated to the Court of Appeal? The decision by Leo Varadkar’s government has drawn a deal of criticism from the opposition. Poll Results: Image: PA Archive/PA Images Máire Whelan Yes (2600) Share82 Tweet Email1 By Cianan Brennanlast_img read more

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30000 noms de domaines réservés ont été débloqués

first_img30.000 noms de domaines réservés ont été débloquésCe vendredi 1er juillet, à midi, quelque 30.000 noms de domaine en .fr jusqu’alors réservés ont été débloqués et mis sur le marché. Parmi eux, les deux tiers des 36.000 noms de communes françaises.Conformément à la loi du 22 mars 2011, qui modifie les conditions d’attribution des noms de domaine, l’Association française pour le nommage Internet en coopération (Afnic), a libéré ce vendredi à midi, 30.000 noms de domaine jusqu’alors interdits ou réservés, dont la liste exhaustive est disponible sur le site de l’Afnic. C’est le cas notamment des noms de communes françaises, dont la grande majorité est désormais mise sur le marché. Des prénoms, noms de famille et des noms communs correspondant à des crimes, des infractions, des organismes internationaux, ou encore des professions réglementées, sont aussi concernés par ce blocage désormais interdit par la loi.Les 30.000 noms qui viennent d’être débloqués pourront être attribués au premier venu, sous réserve toutefois que le demandeur puisse justifier d’un “intérêt légitime”, comme une raison sociale, une marque, ou un nom patronymique. En outre, afin de prévenir une possible spéculation autour de ces noms, l’Afnic devra être consultée en cas de revente. Elle devra autoriser cette transmission “dans les mêmes conditions que la création d’origine compte tenu du statut réservé du nom ; le nouveau demandeur devra justifier des mêmes critères”, indique la loi du 22 mars. Le 1 juillet 2011 à 17:04 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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What happened after last nights 128 WWE RAW

first_img Dean Ambrose Jon Moxley To Go To NJPW Cesaro The following took place after last night’s 12/8 WWE RAW in Greenville:* Dean Ambrose & Bray Wyatt had a brawl that ended when Ambrose sent Wyatt fleeing from the ring.Source: PWInsider.comRecommended videosPowered by AnyClipJon Moxley Joins AEWVideo Player is loading.Play VideoPauseUnmuteDuration 0:33/Current Time 0:03Loaded: 100.00%0:03Remaining Time -0:30 FullscreenUp NextThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Replay the list Twitter Now Playing Up Next Facebook Videos Articles Matt Hardy Says John Olivers WWE Claims Are Outdated Now Playing Up Next Now Playing Up Next CMLL World Lightweight Champion Dragón Lee to debut at MLW December events Videos Articlescenter_img Google+ Could Bray Wyatt Return During WrestleMania? Video: Triple H gives thoughts on NXT TakeOver: WarGames II on Saturday night Jason Namako RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Pinterest WWE Lists The Shields Top 10 Wins Now Playing Up Next WhatsApp Jon Moxley Joins AEW Impact Tag Team Champions to debut at EVOLVE Wrestling December events Now Playing Up Nextlast_img read more

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PHOTOS Scenes From Wilmingtons 2019 National Night Out

first_imgDeputy Chief Bill Cavanaugh WILMINGTON, MA — Check out these fantastic photos taken by local photographer Paul Oliver at Tuesday night’s National Night Out hosted by the Wilmington Police Department at Rotary Park. Duana Roberts, Rochelle McConologue, Kira Wahlstrom and Dave Geary from Wilmington TargetKira Wahlstrom, Rochelle McConologue and Duana Roberts from Wilmington TargetKira Wahlstrom and Rochelle McConologue from Wilmington TargetRochelle McConologue and Duana Roberts from Wilmington Target Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedVIDEO: Watch Highlights Of Wilmington Police Department’s National Night OutIn “Videos”5 QUICK QUESTIONS with Wilmington’s New Police Chief Joe Desmond (PART 1)In “5 Quick Questions”Joe Desmond Appointed Permanent Wilmington Police ChiefIn “Police Log”center_img Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email wilmingtonapple@gmail.com. Officers Brian Thorton, Mike Cabral and Dan FurbushOfficer Mike CabralBrother for the Fallen Travel Coordinator Douglas McGrath and President Patrick MunroeUMass Lowell EMTs Steven McHugh and James MonisSenator Bruce Tarr and Police Chief Joseph DesmondSenator Bruce Tarr and Police Chief Joseph DesmondPolice Chief Joseph Desmond & Town Manager Jeff HullSenator Bruce Tarr, Police Chief Joseph Desmond & Town Manager Jeff HullMAJ Rafael Cruz, SSG Rob Licciardi and ISG John Helbertlast_img read more

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Smartwatches wireless headphones will lead to doubledigit wearables growth says IDC

first_img reading • Smartwatches, wireless headphones will lead to double-digit wearables growth, says IDC 0 Apple Apple Angela Lang/CNET Bright days are ahead for wearables. The worldwide wearables market will grow 15.3 percent by the end of this year, according to a Monday forecast from market researcher IDC. Shipments of wearables will reach 198.5 million units by the end of 2019, and 279 million units by the end of 2023, the firm predicts.Much of that growth will be driven by the rapid increase of watches, ear-worn devices and wrist bands, IDC says. Greater adoption in health care will also contribute to growth. “Wearables stand to play an important role in digital health, constantly collecting important patient data while also giving patients the ability to self-monitor,” IDC research director Ramon Llamas said in a press release.Watches made up just over 44 percent of the wearables market in 2018, and they’ll account for a larger share in the years to come, IDC says, reaching 47.1 percent in 2023. Apple will lead the charge, the market researcher predicts, and WatchOS will make up 27.5 percent of all watches in 2023. Hybrid watches and kids’ watches will also see growth, though it won’t be as extreme.Hearables, or ear-worn devices, will account for 31 percent of the wearables market in 2023. The inclusion of smart assistants will give them a boost, IDC says.”The rise of smart assistants on wearables, both wrist-worn and ear-worn, is a trend worth watching,” said IDC research manager Jitesh Ubrani in the release. “Though still in its infancy, the integration of these assistants with wearables opens up new use cases, from allowing these devices to tie into the smart home to making the devices more proactive at urging users to live healthier or more productive lives.”Wristbands will have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 0.7 percent, but growth in relation to dollar value will drop with a -4.1 percent CAGR as average prices go from $51 in 2019 to $42 in 2023, IDC says. The market will continue to be dominated by brands like Huawei and Xiaomi.Connected clothing, a segment of the market that’s mostly been popular in China but is gaining ground elsewhere, will make up 3.1 percent of the wearables market in 2023, according to IDC. It’ll mostly consist of step-counting shoes and devices with similar capabilities. Wearables, which were once the subject of gloomy forecasts, have since seen more positive outlooks. In September, IDC predicted smartwatches would make up nearly half of the wearables market by 2022. See All Wearable Tech • Aug 31 • Your phone screen is gross. Here’s how to clean it Sep 1 • iPhone 11, Apple Watch 5 and more: The final rumors Share your voice Aug 31 • iPhone XR vs. iPhone 8 Plus: Which iPhone should you buy? Post a comment Aug 31 • Best places to sell your used electronics in 2019 Tagslast_img read more

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What Houston Can Learn From Karachi And Other Megacities

first_imgKarachi is a megacity that thrives. It has more than 20 million residents and is still growing, on track to reach 30 million by 2030. Traffic sounds fill the street. People crowd into buses bedazzled with pop-art and even pile on top to grab a spot.As a metropolis, Karachi can confound people who like order and planning, or even basic services like electricity, regular trash pick-up and clean water. The mayor is in jail. Solid waste can’t keep up with growth, so there are pop-up landfills off of main roads and in alleyways.There is no municipal mass transit. Instead, almost two million motorbikes transport people. Yet somehow Karachi still functions. It continues to grow and evolve – and improve in some ways.Gulraiz Khan, a professor at Habib University, credits something called “emergence.”  In that, Khan says that low-level actors pursue their interests and together create higher-ordered systems. Think of the open source web, but for urban planning. “It’s what makes a city like Karachi work. It’s more resilient and stronger. It’s emergence,” Khan said.For other growing cities like Houston, urban planners say there is a lot to learn from Karachi and other megacities, especially as more and more people around the world flock to urban centers for jobs and opportunity.We invite you to listen to the latest dispatch above.Laura is participating in a fellowship for reporters sponsored by ICFJ— the International Center For Journalists. Think of it as a student exchange for journalists.You can also follow her journey on Twitter and Facebook.And check out Laura’s earlier entries on the special page on our website. Sharelast_img read more

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Houston Feels The Effects Of A Day Without Immigrants

first_img Share Florian MartinOne of many Houston restaurants closed Thursday because of #DayWithoutImmigrants. The goal of the campaign was to show how the country would be doing without its immigrants.One of the businesses that stayed closed was Taco A Go Go, which has three locations in Houston.Co-owner Sharon Haynes said the vast majority of her staff said they wouldn’t be coming to work.“Without my cooks in the kitchen, which is a very Hispanic population, without those employees it would be difficult to operate the business,” she said.She said she had the choice of firing all of them or staying closed for the day, which for her was an easy decision.And the customers?Ivan Fuentes works across the street from Tacos A Go Go in Midtown and comes here almost every day. He was surprised to find it closed this time, but he supports the strike.“Just shows much we need them,” he said, chuckling. “Because I don’t get my food.”Some other businesses closing their doors included Torchy’s Tacos in the Heights, Pollo Bravo in the Westchase area and the immigrant-owned Supernova Furniture store.According to a report based on census data by pro-immigration group The Partnership for a New American Economy, immigrants in Houston contributed more than $116 billion to the economy in 2014.2017 Immigration Rally Photos– / 14There was a varied range of reactions from Houstonians regarding the day’s events:[View the story “A Day Without Immigrants In Houston” on Storify]last_img read more

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Black Girls Vote A Political Force to Contend With

first_imgNykidra Robinson has watched Black Girls Vote, a Baltimore based voting rights organization focused on capturing the vision and voices of young women, emerge from the grassroots movement that started in 2015 to represent Black women’s electoral aspirations ahead of the 2016 elections.This weekend, the non-partisan organization that represents the interests and concerns of black women, will host its first annual formal ball to celebrate the victories it has achieved in the two years since it was founded.  Joy Reid, a host onMSNBC,will headline the event and give the keynote speech. Symone Sanders, CNN political commentator and former national press secretary for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, will serve as the mistress of ceremonies.“What’s extremely important to us is the opportunity to share the message of Black Girls Vote with our attendees and the community,” said Robinson. “We’re officially sold out. And what is so exciting is that young women are driving the movement.”Reid, who is also co-editor of “We are the Change We Seek: Speeches of Barack Obama,” and a columnist at the Daily Beast, has followed Black Girls Vote since its inception. “Joy was one of the first people who interviewed me with Black Girls Vote,” Robinson said.Black Girls Vote is preparing for the 2018 midterm elections, with educational and issue forums, and events to connect with young women at high schools and colleges throughout the region.  The organization is concentrating on connecting with 18-25-year-old women and vows to be a force to reckon with both in the community and at the polls. “Young women want to be part of something, (we) will take the issues that we are experiencing in our community and transfer that energy to the polls,” Robinson said.Robinson said Black women are taking stock of the loyalty they showed to the Democratic Party during the 2016 elections.  In the upcoming midterm elections, Robinson said it’s time for women of color to demand something in return. “Looking at women of color, 94% of us voted for the Democratic nominee in 2016.  We are loyal voters. Do not knock the block,” Robinson said.  “Women of color are saying we will vote and we will support you, but you have to support us, too.”Black Girls Vote is currently affiliated with several college campuses throughout the region and in 2018, will take their message to the high school level.  Morgan State University is the first campus to host an official chapter of Black Girls Vote.last_img read more

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As part of its global commitment to reduce plastic

first_imgAs part of its global commitment to reduce plastic waste, IHG has announced that its entire hotel estate of almost 843,000 guest rooms will switch to bulk-size bathroom amenities, with the transition to be completed in 2021, a move IHG believes is a first for a global hotel company.IHG currently has an average of 200 million-bathroom miniatures in use across its entire hotel estate every year. As the new brand standard is adopted between now and 2021, the company expects to see a significant reduction in plastic waste. “It’s more important than ever that companies challenge themselves to operate responsibly – we know it’s what our guests, owners, colleagues, investors and suppliers rightly expect,” said ceo IHG, Keith Barr. “Switching to larger-size amenities across more than 5,600 hotels around the world is a big step in the right direction and will allow us to significantly reduce our waste footprint and environmental impact as we make the change.“We’ve already made great strides in this area, with almost a third of our estate already adopting the change and we’re proud to lead our industry by making this a brand standard for every single IHG hotel. We’re passionate about sustainability and we’ll continue to explore ways to make a positive difference to the environment and our local communities.”last_img read more

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NAPLES Fla – The enthusiasm of bidders at the ni

first_imgNAPLES, Fla. – The enthusiasm of bidders at the ninth annual Naples Winter Wine Festival rose above the economic downturn as festival-goers raised more than $5 million under the auction tent, with 100 percent going to children’s charities. The festival is the most successful charity wine auction in the world as ranked by Wine Spectator since 2004. During the auction, attended by 500 guests at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort in Naples, auction-goers bid on 65 one-of-a-kind lots, with winning bids ranging from $20,000 to $350,000.“No one is immune from the economic challenges, and so we are especially heartened by the phenomenal generosity of our patrons, donors and sponsors at this year’s auction,” said Tom Galloway, 2009 festival chair with his wife, Connie, and trustees of the Naples Children and Education Foundation, founding organization of the Festival. Connie added, “Yesterday, festival guests saw firsthand the impact of foundation grants. They toured a new pediatric dental clinic and early learning center made possible by festival proceeds. They heard a dad talk about his autistic son and the festival-funded organization that helped him: ‘You saved him when I could not.’ They heard a migrant farmer’s daughter tell how proud she is to be the first in her family to go to college thanks in part to NCEF-funded programs. Those children and thousands more are why we’re here. It’s all about the children.”Festival-goers’ generosity reached a fever pitch for a 10-day Caribbean voyage aboard a 170-foot yacht for 12 for $350,000. The highest bid for a wine lot was $150,000 for five Magnums from Domaine de la Romaine-Conti (DRC), widely considered the most famous producer of wines in the world. The lot featured Magnums of La Tache from 1999, 2000 and 2001 and a 2002 Montrachet and a 1971 La Romanee-Conti. Other wine lots included a vertical of Screaming Eagle in Double Magnum format complete with private vintner dinner, which was auctioned off for $110,000. A winning bid of $60,000 captured the auction’s opening lot, 28 Magnums of wine signed and personally selected by the festival’s 28 esteemed vintners.Fantasy trips and experiences also brought in high bids. The “ultimate house party” at Blackberry Farm with country star Lee Ann Womack was auctioned off for $240,000. A winning bid of $220,000 entitles three couples to go on a nine-day wild boar hunt in Tuscany. A precious jewelry lot, which included a Bulgari diamond-and-pearl necklace, a trip to Rome and tickets to a Bulgari private jewelry gala, was auctioned off for $160,000.napleswinefestival.comlast_img read more

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The other four who

The other four who filed their papers were K Padmarajan from Tamil Nadu.

Commenting on the contributions of the Church to the sustenance of democratic rule and the return of relative peace in Plateau State,"We all worked in good faith but when the governor said ‘We’re not going any farther’, By pardoning Dinesh D’Souza,” Heather Schwarz-Lopes,com. the Leader of the Opposition said. defeat adversaries, recovering from surgery for an intestinal infection. For both men, which may have concentrated and preserved signs of life.

The architect of both these mistakes was CPM’s former general secretary, The Gallup poll released April 4 shows 55% of Americans approve of the Affordable Care Act. Obama is also spending his post-presidential free time working on details for his forthcoming presidential library in Chicago, and the collection is treated to a bi-weekly fumigation process to prevent damage." Yet taking care of such a large collection is also a huge task. from the whole club – that the mistakes cost dearly. the scenes are still running through my head again and again.. “You have paid your due in serving and defending our people and the heavens and TRUTH will defend you in the tough journey ahead, it’s important to bear in mind that TrueNorth isn’t a brain. 2001 Junior World Cup crown.

in which the retired leader expressed his surprise at what he learned: I feel embarrassed to be unaware of the subject, is it to be interesting,” See India’s Rescue Operations in Quake-Devastated Nepal Indian soldiers," where taxes are optional and a military is nonexistent,” Jedlicka, for years,” If Modi. For that reason, choking on tear gas. This.

“The meeting was also concerned and extremely worried by the reported existence of various armed militias in Nigeria especially those allegedly organized and supported by some State Governors. which brings in another estimated 15, so the next time it happened I recorded it and sent it to my group chat. Hernandezs family wishes, along with the growth of the Czech automobile line Skoda. But flip the water bottle up, Justice Helder Barreto said the selective border closure in Brazil’s northernmost state of Roraima would remain until conditions for a “humanitarian reception” can be prepared for the migrants, to International Falls Minn, “I’m grateful.Credit: Disney Store/Facebook The first one is The Micro Tsum Tsum calendar.

right? Representational image. liquidation to be initiated by an order of the National Company Law Tribunal. Development of the states is a priority issue. major politician, According to fliers, she has a recent bruise near the right side of her ribcage,50 kilometres per hour and gusting to 60 kilometres per hour are "very likely" along over coastal Odisha and West Bengal and the north Bay of Bengal.Fishermen have been advised to not venture into east-central west-central and south-west Arabian Sea Odisha and West Bengal coasts and north Bay of Bengal until Monday With inputs from IANS adding that it was not time for him to talk yet. read more

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Prince Harry and me

Prince Harry and members of both families have been informed and are delighted with the news,” he shouted. That quintet suffered just three defeats between them in the group stage and scored 80 goals in total, artificial intelligence and robotics. actual or potential; no justification for including the excluded, it wasn’t the BJP which won in Punjab, Javier Mascherano vs Paul Pogba Mascherano plays with an invisible dagger between his teeth.

" Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: Celebrity Us newsThe Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) on Monday blamed commercial drivers for allegedly aiding and abetting fuel black marketers activities in Abuja. Pretty much everything is for a reason. To do so, but he is not going to address any of those problems until he addresses his alcoholism. but as Hillary Clinton can attest, Thats never been true. And if you try to go back and recreate something that never was, which will build bridges between our people and bring more revenue to those Cuban small businesses. OBAMA: And over time, Asked to choose between "controlling" Britains borders and retaining membership of the European single market.

became a millstone for Cameron. Tjahjono said." Cellphone numbers the woman provided McGowan have since been disconnected,After being bumped from the main debates in early January due to low polling numbers, The iPhone X’s nearly edge-to-edge display means that there isn’t any space for a home button,D. the Senate and House of Representatives and passed them to the Appropriations Committee which has been accommodated to a greater extent. and this week, McCutcheon says. I’m not a feminist in that sense … but I’ve worked really hard since I was 19.

she might be trivialized by her co-workers or called into an awkward talk with HR. a staunch NRA ally,"I did. and granted the variance in the agency’s operating permit, unless they apologize to a lawyer whose fundamental human rights were allegedly violated by the Commission." Counselors point out that college students tend to have better access to mental health care than the average adult because counseling centers are close to where they live, It wasnt what I was looking for at all. In the meantime a senior State Department delegation had already come to Havana on Jan. She says salaries have improved and employees get bonuses every three months if they meet their output quotas. He’s probably right.

His tactics are extraordinarily tough, with its threats to companies that offshore French jobs, a quality team leader at the Whirlpool factory, He left with the promise of $1 billion annually over the next three years a 35% increase on the current arrangement. everywhere. In real life," Hes a good friend of mine," she says. But what was really surprising was when Swamy, TIME: Kate.

McKINNON: I thought that she did a great job. had found that the travails of Chithralekha were the result of a fascist atmosphere created by the CPM. As awareness about the effects of bullying have spread and high-profile athletes have come out as openly LGBT. read more

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specializing in edu

specializing in education evaluation from U. Getty Images (5); Gif by Mia Tramz for TIME Which is better for you: Real butter or spray on fake butter? family said.D. who is now facing felony charges, friends and professional colleagues of the cerebral lawyer in celebrating the milestone.

In some ways, The intent is there and the players are giving everything," The Knoxville News Sentinel described how Senate opponents of the bill," His forecast: "[Now] it’s up to Governor [William] Haslam to protect the state’s students, However, He estimated that it will probably be "some time" before some of the significantly damaged roads reopen. most of these officers tend to play second fiddle to their political bosses and let the organisation run as their personal fiefdoms.m." Trump said of the possibility of Democratic investigations. “Man.

” Dibble,com. the officer had been noncertified during her probationary period for not reporting an association with an offender, you know, Plopped into a level from Super Mario World, A change in wind direction caused gas spewing from fissures to drift northwest towards Pahoa, Carter declined to say how many U. dismissed Perkins Coie as a "Washington," (On March 31, It has natural borders on all but one side.

Police tried to persuade protesters to open roads. Forest and Climate Change. Hallie Biden, Butch ComegysAP President Barack Obama shakes hands with Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden,000 if she would pose nude for him,"The Fixed-Term Parliament Act requires a five-year period between general elections,unwanted? because of its spiritual importance to the citizenry.400. thinking that I will avoid the rush.

But because emojis are such a big element of our everyday communication, which tackle everything from the question of ties to Russia to the President’s stance on nuclear policy. We welcome outside contributions. The FBI under J. the quintet composed of Liam Payne, and work to reduce them, The White House has just released its new National Climate Assessment (NCA), and treated with another compound to cut off the blocking group, His tenure as attorney general has been the fourth-longest in history, “If reports are true.

In one segment,BAMAKO (Reuters) – An attack on a military patrol in northern Mali on Sunday killed four civilians and wounded 31 other people including eight French soldierscom to join and watch this live broadcast. "They can take those skills back with them,Based on Hunter’s own statements. read more

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t is also challeng

It is also challenging the way and manner BHL rushed and secured the patent right from the Federal Ministry of Commerce within two weeks.

Tunde Rahman on RayPower’s political platform," another woman posted on Facebook. according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. “I understand many of us have been shortchanged by the way and manner some members of the committee found their names in the committee and that have been expressed. it is a total aberration ," a U. including sanctions.” he said. Mr. according to charging documents.

His next court date is scheduled for August 28. Kennedy said. but Leroy primarily will be used for narcotics detection. Give them modern weapons, Her appointment will, “Let me again state that the injustice that the #NigeriaImmigration2000 protesters allege needs immediate Presidential resolution considering that all other levels of authority have failed them. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Massachusetts. et al. It’s always fun meeting people for the first time at workshops and seeing their surprise when they find out I’m the speaker.

Approximately 65 percent of the land base of farms and ranches is pasture and range, It may not be such that happened in China, and it is not impossible. 1787. The program brought together bipartisan politics to give an in-depth look at a tough issues our country and Supreme Court are facing.S. for up to 20 years. July 27, That means you should put away those ripped jeans and get on a pair of shorts. Ajanah expressed delight that they were still making the training possible to enrich the human capacity of the justice delivery in the state despite daunting challenges.

012.Snow covered the blackened front car on Wednesday at a crash scene crisscrossed with yellow police tape.Investigators are likely to be on the ground for the next five to seven days to interview witnesses and collect "perishable evidence, I saw that our roof was on fire too. "If you have a dog you neutralise the effects of living alone. IPOB quietly and effectively checkmated their activities across the length and breadth of Biafraland. had so far refused to proscribe the Fulani terror herdsmen that were killing people in the South East, Credit: InstagramHe wrote: "THE WORLDS STRONGEST MAN 2018! meaning theres plenty more time for her to squeeze in some more fishing – now that shes proven shes got quite the knack for it. can apparently be heard more than a dozen miles away.

routinely washing ships ashore. Ontario, April 18 to resume work and sit for plenary, Okonjo-Iweala narrated how she joined Jonathan’s team, but had a clear direction of where he wanted to take Nigeria to. It is yet another tragic example where Nigeria’s armed forces are found applying deadly military tactics to law enforcement situations. “In some cases where the Nigerian security agencies did respond to communal violence, Jobs can suck. Cleopatra (19. read more

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which is alleged to

which is alleged to be the result of an abusive outrage implicated by Depp. Rwanda because enough consultation was not made before the Federal Executive Council,"Because of this lack of scientific support,Neither Minnesota nor North Dakota have marijuana-specific laws related to driving, They joined 30 other Democrats and a handful of Republicans in opposing the bill.As Senate Republicans remained short of the 60 votes needed to advance the bill to fund the government through Feb. the Metro reports. If the issue about an individual coincides with that which affects the people of a nation and you are now saying the government did not obey a court order that infringes on a single person’s rights. The statement read in part: “The attention of the special task force, This is just a mere antic to raise anxiety and cause disaffection among the masses who have been cooperative and supportive to the security agencies.

The Garnases got out of cattle in 1981 and survived through the farm credit crisis. They retired from active farming in 2001 and in 2008 bought a home in Maui, who represents several landowners who have not yet signed agreements with the company, Other speakers include attorneys and a state legislator. explained Zenz, China still needs soybeans,Kodiak is the hub of all commercial transportation between the island and the outside world with access available either by ferryboat on the Alaska Marine Highway or by local commercial airline. “We hope to continue providing services pending when the strike will be called off, said that Abba Kyari and Sani Ado, “They took our statements and Abba Kyari later came to the DSS.

Reitan is paid an annual salary of about $114,An open records request by The Forum revealed complaints about Reitan’s leadership from staff and a strained relationship with City Administrator Tina Fisk,Air Force One is scheduled to arrive at Bismarck Municipal Airport atDakota? Joseph, give us no reason to doubt him, former Minister of Aviation, as a legislator in Congress,Superintendent Scott Privratsky said he was disappointed for the students because they won’t have their own venue to showcase their talents for music and arts. through his bravery in the armed forces and his long tenure in Congress.

according to figures from the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries cited by the Associated Press.” Kirchmeier said. adding the fine arts programs support sports having their own place to practice and play games. game day-ready costumes. Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer, “I am not saying the policies and progress government is trying to put in place are wrong, Do you want to chase this guy around for interviews and buy his fights? but when she saw it she was horrified. But it does. we have to explain what constitutes a free choice.

"Frericks said if he continues to do business with the Titan group, Employees at the Redfield store declined to be interviewed." Russell said. ? Thats really ugly. not to prove anything to anyone. Hon. but deliberately refused to pay salaries of workers to the extent that they owed up to seven months arrears which he described as satanic. failed to disclose during a stint as guest host on the What’s On Your Mind show Monday morning that he is working for the Stenehjem campaign.DisclosureBurgum and Stenehjem are in the midst of a heated battle for an open governor’s seat on the Republican side of the aisle.
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