1×1 of Real Madrid: Courtois saves and Varane decides

first_imgKroos (replaced in 71 ’). From less to more, he celebrated his 30th birthday by bringing out a glove by serving Varane 0-2 in a foul. There is no opposite that he sleeps peacefully when the German is heading for a stationary ball play. In the second half he picked up very easily and in defense solved a very dangerous discharge of Jorge Molina in the area. Bale. His match could have been very different if he had just begun by controlling a shipment to Casemiro’s hole. It did not come out and it was done at night in that action and in the encounter. He was noticed in 65 ‘and in the discount, with two hands-on-hand (one in the discount) without success with Soria. He got even before the whistle with a wonderful pass to Valverde that resulted in the 0-3. He took the yellow one from Nyom, who made an ugly entry in the first half.Benzema (replaced in the 80 ’). He has learned to stand out even in his flattest days. No balls arrived and he struggled asking for it and holding it in three quarters of field. He almost got the reward in 42 ’, with a clearing and a maneuver of pure 9 that stopped Soria.Isco (changed in 71 ’). He lost incidence, but started very brave, wanting to receive at all times even though he swam among sharks. A work more physical than anything else yours.They also played …Fede Valverde (came out in 71 ’). He put the interest and attention necessary so that the team, which had missed him, did not disconnect. He galloped and assisted Modric in the final kickback.Vinicius (came out in 71 ’). It contributed, although in smaller doses by the dynamics of the shock, its characteristic verticality. Failed face to face with Soria in 89 ’. He also watched his back because the Getafe did not give up.Jovic (came out in the 80’s). According to the floor, the grass practically saw yellow. He then leaked a pass to Bale, who lost again with Soria only in the area. Courtois He wants what was his in his time of rojiblanco, the Zamora, and with performances like that of the Coliseum he will have it in his hand. At the break he left with three paradones, to Arambarri (Varane brushed before, for greater merit), to Fajr and Cabrera. Accumulate three doors to zero in a row in the League, including the Camp Nou, and eight in 15 appearances in the competition, more than 50% …Carvajal Cucurella very well reduced, bad customer always. From the center of the field he tried to help with support, without breaking in depth.Varane He started something scattered with his feet, but he always corrected himself with his speed. Very good positioning to clear the constant aerial balls of the Getafe. Author of the first two white goals: in the first, helped by a misplaced Soria at the start; and in the second, from powerful header to Kroos precise pass. He has three goals in LaLiga after the one he did to Espanyol.Militao It was not an easy afternoon, quite the opposite, for the slow adaptation process that Zidane has arranged for him. However, he solved it well, emerging gracefully from one of those parties that give trade. He taught ball mastery with a long displacement that put Bale in a frank situation for the 0-3.Mendy Go up and down like a locomotive, lane up-lane down. Very hard in the melee, fast to the cut and decisive in the pass that originated the first goal. He drew attention, or perhaps not so much, to give it with the right.Modric Key with your superior technique to withstand the suffocating pressure of Getafe, a team that runs as if angry with the opponent. He pushed one against the net in one last breath.Casemiro His first detail was a successful pass to Bale that nevertheless ended in nothing. Then he put on his work overall and enjoyed what he likes best: the brega. This day, because of the intensity of the Bordalás boys, bore his last name. In 63 ’he shot Molina at the edge of the small area.last_img