October 27 2004 Current construction efforts

first_imgOctober 27, 2004 Current construction efforts are focused on the East Crescent, ten units arranged in a semi-circle facing South. Around the perimeter of the Crescent are “light scoop apartments”, each with a curved concrete roof. The light scoops allow low-angled winter sun into the apartments, reflecting light down into the living spaces. Higher-altitude summer sun is blocked, keeping the summer heat at bay. [Photo: sa & text: Jacob Schwartz] Spraying is completed, and the foam has hardened. It’s time to clean up the edges, and August 29. workshop participant Erika Peres is wearing a harness attached to scaffolding to paint the bordering panels. With the insulation in place, the light scoop units will remain cooler in summer and warmer in winter. [Photo: Yuki Yanagimoto & text: Jacob Schwartz] Paul’s Roofing has been contracted from Mesa, AZ, to apply a spray-on weatherproof foam insulation to the curved roof panels. Paul Robinett oversees the operation. [Photo: sa & text: Jacob Schwartz] last_img