Hoshino Resorts OMO5 Tokyo Otsuka is the first in

first_imgHoshino Resorts OMO5 Tokyo Otsuka is the first in a new series of lifestyle-oriented hotels launched by Japanese luxury brand Hoshino Resorts, a ‘no-frills’ concept with stylish and contemporary design.LocationThe hotel is located in an old-style ‘retro’ Tokyo district, now revitalised with lots of local boutiques, bars and cafes. For visitors who have been to Tokyo a couple times already, Otsuka is an interesting change to the well-worn streets of Shibuya and Shinjuku.<span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span>The hotel has a pleasant low-key atmosphere and is conveniently located, just two minutes’ walk from Otsuka station on the JR Yamanote line that loops the city. the energetic atmosphere of the streets outside ring with streetcar bells and lots of small izakaya restaurants and bars give the area a colourful, local feel.RoomsRooms at Hoshino Resorts OMO5 Tokyo Otsuka are light and airy and even the single room is 19 sqm, which by Toyko standards is not even that small. Unlike any Hoshino Resort before, guest rooms are designed in a style of yagura, a type of Japanese-style wooden scaffolding, and combines high ceilings with large windows. The room makes use of traditional Japanese seasonal colour schemes, and materials such as wood and tatami mats. With a small staircase leading up to the bedroom, you can feel cuddled up in an intimate little hideout.Beautiful contemporary design and clever use of space © Hoshino ResortsDiningOMO Cafe, open to both guests and the public, is a casual gathering space serving fresh coffee and signature French vol-au-vent-style pastries. For the rest of the day, eclectic items on the menu range from apple pie, edamame beans and garlic toast to fried chicken and breaded tripe.Eclectic choices for breakfast at OMO Cafe © Hoshino ResortsThis is also where the Lobby Lounge can be found and the famed GO-KINJO map. As Otsuka is not a well-known treasure, the GO-KINJO map details the neighbourhood’s best local destinations, attractions and restaurants.ExploreHoshino Resorts OMO5 Tokyo Otsuka is located in Northern Otsuka, which is more modern, but Southern Otsuka is much more traditional so guests can explore all that the town has to offer. For those seeking more guidance, you can sign up to join various tours led by the OMO Rangers that explore the hottest spots and one-of-a-kind areas.Like the power rangers, each experience is led by a different colour, the green – is a walking tour around Otsuka, purple – explores bars and find the best sake, red – goes to Izakaya, a Japanese style pub, yellow – takes you to a traditional Japanese style restaurant known for their tempura, and blue explore more popular restaurants. The nightlife tours can also include dance shows and karaoke bars, so there’s plenty to explore.Colour-coded OMO Rangers guide guests around Osuka © Hoshino ResortsFor those wanting to immerse themselves in something more traditional, old style street car runs alongside the hotel (pay on board).Phone: 00 81 503 786 1144Web: omo-hotels.comAddress: 2-26-1 Kitaotsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo.last_img