RCMP shed light on Strathroy terror incident

The RCMP had been aware Aaron Driver could pose a terror threat, but they didn’t know how imminent that threat was until they received an early morning tip from the FBI.The RCMP revealed several details of the investigation during their news conference this afternoon.Driver was someone police knew about. He was living at his sisters house with an ankle monitor, on a peace bond because he was known to communicate with terrorists, but the security expert said police clearly weren’t watching Driver until they got the FBI tip.RCMP say they got a martyrdom video from the FBI at 8:30 in the morning, and knew a terror attack could be imminent. But at that point, they didn’t know who to suspect.“Based on the info the attack was going to take place in the next 72 hours and was likely to target an urban centre during morning or afternoon rush hour.” said RCMP Deputy Commissioner Mike Cabana.Analysts immediately began comparing the image in the video to possible suspects in police databases – including those out on terrorist peace bonds, like Driver.“Luckily they were there a few hours ahead of time frankly, where they made the interception. It was by skin of their teeth situation, we could be looking at a very different scenario today if that hadn’t happened.” said security expert David Hyde.He says the RCMP don’t have the resources to monitor everyone suspected of terrorist sympathies.Before they found Driver, police notified Toronto transit and Metrolinx of a possible terror threat.“I think they used their best common sense and their knowledge of this individual, and they might not have known the target. They might be investigating that now. But they took the steps that were most likely considering the person’s location, proximity to cities, and targets and they would have forewarned those places.”Hyde says police got lucky with the FBI tip, and then worked hard and fast. He says they are likely now trying to piece together the rest of the story.Several investigations are ongoing by different agencies, but police say there is no indication Driver had any accomplices.