Marrakech to host LXR Music Festival

LXR festival is a new international event in Marrakech dedicated to jazz, blues, fusion, rock, contemporary and classical music.The festival is produced by LXR Music Company that is an independent body devoted to support Jazz and Fusion groups with the purpose of distributing their albums.The LXR Festival Association aims to establish a Music Academy in Marrakech with the support of National and International Partners. Some of the objects of the project are the creation of a Media library rich with Albums, Vinyls, Books, DVDs, Scores, Software, and Instruments. The LXR Festival Association works on starting music lessons funded by the profits of the first edition of LXR Festival.Read also: Plan Your Trip Now: Marrakech’s Oasis Festival Set for September 2019For its first edition, the LXR Festival will introduce the audience to some outstanding names in jazz, blues, fusion, rock, contemporary and classical music.For instance, one of the great names performing in the festival this year is Youssef Dhafer. He is a Tunisian Oud player, composer, and vocalist. Dhafer is one of today’s jazz hottest stars. His music is a mixture of Arabic sacred sounds and jazz. As a young child, Youssef was exposed to various genres of music like Bach, Tchaikovsky, the Rolling Stones, and the Beatles. But what really caught his ear was jazz. *“Jazz changed my life. It was like, this sounds like music that allows me to be myself.” Dhafer told the Irish Times.Other artists present during the first edition are the magical duo, Catrin Finch and Seckou Keita. The music of these two virtuoso musicians is a union of two cultures, Senegal and Wales. Keita and Finch are maestros of the kora and classical harp respectively.The alto saxophonist Logan Richardson is another brilliant artist performing in the festival.The New York Times describes his songs as, “sweeping and rhapsodic and don’t need a fixed rhythm to ground them.”The festival will also pay tribute to the late Randy Weston who celebrated Africa as the wellspring of jazz music. Weston was an esteemed American jazz pianist and composer whose music was inspired by his ancestral African roots.The first edition of LXR Festival brings a unique cultural experience to Marrakech, showcasing the finest international musicians through live performances of singing and instrument playing.