Man Arrested in Kenitra for Selling Police Academy Entrance Exams

Rabat – A man who promised candidates access to entrance exams to Kenitra’s police academy in exchange for a feehas been arrested.The man was stopped by police near the academy in Kenitra last week, found to be carrying sums of money varying between MAD 15,000 and 30,000.The money was discovered to have been given to him by four policeacademy hopefuls accompanying him.An ensuing investigation revealed that the arrested man had promised them participation in the academy, for a fee. When he was arrested, the man also had a set of personal documents in his possession that did not belong to him.Currently in remand, the unnamed man hadpreviously been arrested for drug trafficking and accused of fraud and identity theft. The police have identified two of his accomplices, who they are in the process of arresting.