Exclusive: Justice RM Lodha slams Committee of Administrators, says didn’t perform primary task given to them

first_imgA day before the seven-member BCCI committee on Lodha reforms meets in Mumbai Saturday, the former Chief Justice of India and committee’s head slammed the Committee of Administrators (CoA) for failing to implement the recommendations ratified by the Supreme Court.Speaking exclusively to India Today, Justice (Retd.) RM Lodha said that the Vinod Rai-led panel is involved in “incidental matters” and  should have made the Indian cricket board accept the recommendations by now.”It is really disappointing. It is unfortunate that almost an year has passed and the judgment of the highest court passed on July 18, 2016 is yet to be implemented. Once a party has suffered the judgment from the court, that too from the highest court, it is not the chooser. The order has to be implemented. Of course it has been delayed but I hope that the order will be implemented at the earliest,” said Lodha disappointingly.The 68-year-old added: “Surely, the primary task given to them (CoA) was to implement the order of last year. That has not been done. Perhaps, COA has been involved in incidental matters so nothing could be taken forward. I hope it is done now at the earliest.”On Saturday, the new seven-member committee, led by Rajeev Shukla, would have its second meeting to finalise their stand on Lodha recommendations.”There is no question of BCCI getting away with this,” says the former Chief Justice. “BCCI had its full say before the Supreme Court after we submitted our report. They put forth all their objections, submissions which were deliberated and heard fully. Thereafter, the  Supreme Court passed its judgment on July 18 last year, ratifying our report. So, that has now become the judgment of the court. Thereafter, the BCCI also filed the review petition but they were unsuccessful. Then they filed curative petition, there also they failed. It is only bogey if BCCI says that certain implementations are not implementable. Once the SC has approved it, it has become the judgment of the court. Everything can be implemented. Maybe, one or two individuals are affected and therefore they say that they can’t implement these recommendations,” adds Lodha.advertisementThe reason for BCCI getting restless is the next hearing on the matter slated for July 14 in the Supreme Court. If the board remains adamant, there is always a possibility of SC enforcing the recommendations on the richest cricket body of the world.”Of course, that is the last resort (SC enforcing the recommendations) because the judgment of the highest court cannot remain unenforced and unimplemented. So, obviously it will be taken to its logical conclusion. I fail to understand their (BCCI) stance. Report is in black and white, approved by the Supreme Court. It should’ve been implemented. The Memorandum of Associations should’ve been amended, the regulations suggested by us must have been put in place. This is how a judgment is implemented. They (COA) are the in charge of BCCI affairs so I hope they will do it at the earliest,” says Lodha.last_img