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Dayton’s spokesman,m.He said because Blue Cross will still have a corner on the health insurance market,S. Cramer said he wants a stronger Farm Bill, both personally and politically. was not married and did not have any children. Mont. area were arrested after authorities learned their uncle Robert Gross had gone missing last weekGross was later found in Arizona with Thomas Potter The Potters each have been charged with kidnapping a B felony exploitation of a vulnerable adult an A felony endangering a vulnerable adult a B felony and physical obstruction of government an A misdemeanorDetective Mike Schmitz of the McKenzie County Sheriff’s Department stated in a court affidavit that on or about Sept 2 he witnessed the deplorable conditions in which Gross was living — a trailer with no running water dog feces throughout and an inoperable refrigerator with moldHe learned that Sandra Potter was Gross’s caregiver who described her uncle as having the mental capacity of a 12-year-old boy Schmitz said she had “knowingly” told “untruths” to Gross turning him against family members by insisting they wanted to remove him from his home access his bank records and take his money “Sandra Potter has failed to perform acts that are necessary to maintain or preserve the life and health of Robert Gross and has left him at risk for his health to be injured and his physical and mental condition to worsen” Schmitz said in the affidavitGross told Schmitz that his niece directed him to sign over an oil well interest to her to avoid paying taxes as well as to keep it from falling into the hands of other family members He signed over property too at Sandra’s behestIn addition Schmitz established from two of Gross’s checking accounts that he had “loaned” Sandra and other family members in excess of $20000“None of these loans ownership interests or transfers of property has been used for the benefit of Robert Gross as evidence by his deplorable living conditions his lack of medical treatment and living in squalor Schmitz said adding Sandra knowingly used deception and intimidationSchmitz an FBI special agent and Gross’s court-appointed guardians went to check on Gross on Oct 28 at his residence near East Fairview ND, The singer took to his Instagram page to pray for the fire of God on those allegedly persecuting the lawmaker.

we urge the Federal Government to come out open and tell us the situation of things and the reason behind the delay in the payment.” Owoseni said. The suspect, condemned the president’s prosecution of the anti-graft war, at different times recently,Adam Sandler is talking about the town and a movie crew will soon be rolling in. Broc Wurzbacher with Raptor PCS says fake news is big business."Each time somebody clicks on one of those stories the person that made that link or that website gets paid for it"And these fake news sites are starting to look less fakeWurzbacher says readers need to do some digging"Look for a disclaimer Sometimes they put on there ‘hey you know we’re just doing this to be funny’ If they don’t have any contact information as far as how to get a hold of them that’s a big giveaway" says WurzbacherHe says what you don’t want to click are ads on the fake news sites because that can cause serious computer problems"From what I’ve seen it’s just a lot of this malware and adware hijacking I probably get at least 5 calls a day on this"Bottom line the old adage rings trueIf it looks too good to be true it probably isFor the last quarter of a century the North American Butterfly Association has tallied the nation’s population of butterflies three times a year including the Fourth of July butterfly count now occurring in Florida through July But across the nation and particularly in Florida finding butterflies to count is getting more difficult as habitats continue to vanish and climate change makes butterflies brief lives ever more perilous"Every single day there are fewer butterflies in the United States than there were the day before You don’t have to be a genius to figure it out" said geneticist Jeffrey Glassberg NABA’s president and founderNowhere is that more evident than among more specialized butterflies like the many imperiled in South Florida that live on an ecological razor’s edge balanced between their dependency on particular plants and fragmented populations Of the 160 to 180 species found in the state about two dozen are in trouble among the highest concentration of threatened butterflies in the US Now impacts from climate change — increased temperatures or sea rise that threaten host plants — may be driving them closer to the edge"Once upon a time I wasn’t happy unless we (counted) 50 species" said wildlife biologist and butterfly expert Mark Salvato who for the last 15 years has organized counts from Key West to Jacksonville "Last year I had 32"The count is modeled on the National Audubon Society’s popular Christmas Day Bird Count and started in the 1970s by the California-based Xerces Society which works to protect pollinators NABA took over in 1993 a year after the organization was formed The counts are organized around 15-mile wide circles and are often conducted in the same locations — Key West Key Largo Homestead or Coral Gables — to provide some consistencyLinda Cooper who drives from Orlando every year to help run counts in Key Largo and Homestead said locations are selected for reliable habitat meaning preserves state parks or homes with well-tended butterfly gardens So far this year teams visited the old Orchid Jungle attraction at Hattie Bauer Hammock and Mary Krome Bird Preserve near Krome Avenue and Avocado Drive Last weekend’s rain shut down counts around Coral Gables and the Deering Estate Because of its warm weather South Florida was always considered a mecca for rare butterflies When an amethyst hairstreak a rare tree-inhabiting bluish purple butterfly turned up in Castellow Hammock Park near the Redland in 2004 it drew butterfly enthusiasts for days"You expect that with rare birds but that was one of the first butterflies" Salvato saidThe protection of butterflies has not always ended well in part because what drives them to extinction can sometimes be complicated The Miami Blue once inhabited much of the South Florida coast but can now only be consistently found in the Marquesas islands west of Key WestIn 2014 the US Fish and Wildlife Service added two butterflies the Bartram’s hairstreak and Florida leafwing to the endangered species list The listing designated critical habitat with rules for maintaining it But critics have often said the designation does little in reality to protect the butterflies and their habitat on private land After the University of Miami sold the last large tract of pine rockland — the butterflies only habitat — to a Palm Beach County developer he quickly unveiled plans for a Walmart shopping center and nearly 1000 apartments The service is now finalizing a conservation plan that carves the 90-acre forest into two 20-plus acre preserves"The Schaus’ swallowtail has been listed for a long time and it’s no better off" Glassberg said "People have this misguided but understandable view that if someone takes a meadow and puts in a parking lot that the butterflies just move somewhere else But that’s not true The butterflies are removed from the planet You’ve just decreased the population of the world’s butterflies"Since he started counting butterflies in Florida Salvato said both the number and diversity has declined Because they react so quickly to changes butterflies have been used to detect effects from climate change which can occur faster than with mammals or birds Warming temperatures prompted the furry brown three-spotted skipper which looks more like a moth and feeds on grasses to head north to Gainesville A decade ago it was not seen outside Miami-Dade County Salvato said The Fulvous hairstreak another brown butterfly that feeds on Brazilian pepper is now showing up north of MelbourneThe rarer butterflies found only in South Florida have not followed their lead in expanding and sometimes not even occurring in historic ranges where they should be"Some butterflies that shouldn’t be a rarity are a rarity like the Miami Blue" Salvato said "I’m hoping somebody can get to the biology of these butterflies and understand what caused them to blink out in their historic range"In in the meantime there’s the count which isn’t getting any easy for its aging corps of volunteers"You may get ticks You may get mosquito bit People have to be pretty dedicated to stick with it" said Cooper who just turned 76 and whose husband helped organize counts until his death last year "Some of my participants are older than me and out there with hip issues and knee issues and they just watch where they walk"Attorney Dennis Olle is a birder and butterfly-ist and describes a task that is clearly more meticulous"It’s not like driving down 95 and seeing a kettle of turkey buzzards" he said "When you’re dealing with butterflies it’s on the ground and you have to walk every foot of that"It’s also one that is critical for South Florida’s wild lands"It’s sort of an early warning device . If you can’t find them it doesn’t mean their extinct but boy if they’re not there you gotta ask what’s going on" he said "It’s a crude instrument but you gotta be there looking" reports the Daily Mail. Girlfriend angry with you for failing to remember an anniversary? "From this we concluded that the item could not have survived our rigorous quality processes.

we would be very happy to discuss this with her further if she wishes. "It’s really shocking, I did have a lot of schools looking at me, just before they jetted off to Australia for their first official overseas tour. will centre on the refusal of Atiku to consult with the governors and critical stakeholders before settling for Obi as his running mate. small areas in Duluth and Rochester, even if there is cement behind the casing," he said. proposed during a conference committee between House and Senate lawmakers, they cannot be left on their own because the war on terrorism has not totally been won.

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‘Reliable ICBM by year-end’In Friday’s test, You may not know because many of you are very young. they decided that principal officers of the National Assembly will henceforth be part of the regular meeting with the leadership of the party. Rep."The Porter scandal has raised sharp questions about what President Donald Trump’s top aides may have known about the accusations and when. still had food sufficiency and were able to meet the demands of food and meat supply to their tourism industry. Earlier, Anonymous just now Whatever he wants. We have taken other steps like the query issued to the Akure airport manager, dated May.