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But of the 54 officers prosecuted in a death without a firearm, Yet again, All three search warrants have since been returned to the court.m. three police officers arrived at the apartment They met with the family and then went upstairs to question Crews and Hoehn*****According to Lt Jason Nelson Fargo’s chief detective on the case both Crews and Hoehn were home at the time Crews invited the officers into Apartment 5 She acknowledged that Savanna had been in the apartment earlier but had left and Crews said she hadn’t seen her since The officers asked if they could look around the apartment and were granted permission They found nothing suspiciousPolice saw evidence of the sewing project that was Savanna’s reason for going upstairs Still it remains puzzling why Crews who isn’t visibly overweight would ask a woman who was eight months pregnant to model a dress for her Did this arouse suspicion among police Did they ask Crews about itThe couple who lived immediately below Crews and Hoehn told The Forum later that they heard loud noises coming from the bathroom of the suspects’ apartment on Saturday afternoon about the time Savanna went upstairs — banging in the bathtub The noises lasted for about 20 minutes then the shower was turned onThey were so accustomed to Crews and Hoehn fighting that they didn’t think anything more of it at the timeCould they have heard the sound of Savanna being killed Could they have heard the sound of her baby being taken from her We still don’t know when Savanna died We still don’t know how the baby was bornLater that night the Greywind family again called police to report that Savanna had not returned home Though that call is not listed in the dispatch log Nelson said that officers responded and met with the family They cautioned them that there was a limit to what police could do at that point because Savanna was an adult who could have left of her own volition and there was no evidence of criminal activityPolice again went upstairs to the apartment of Crews and Hoehn Both were home They again granted the officers the right to search the apartment The officers found nothing suspectNorberta Greywind later said Fargo police did not take Savanna’s disappearance seriously at first She said she called them repeatedly but that they were "very rude and had no sympathy whatsoever" She said she screamed at them "I felt like they just had no care They told me they did their job"For reasons that are unknown Fargo police returned to the suspects’ apartment for a third time that weekend about 6:30 pm Sunday This time a detective accompanied a uniformed officer According to Nelson only Crews was home at the time She invited the officers into the apartment She allowed them to search the apartment They found nothing They also searched public areas of the apartment buildingWhy did police return to the apartment on Sunday night Did they think that two previous searches had been unsatisfactory Did they feel questioning had been inadequate Did something Crews or Hoehn said arouse suspicion upon further reflection Police haven’t saidAll three initial searches were what police call "consent searches" meaning that the residents authorized police to search But consent searches by their nature are less rigorous than searches conducted with search warrants which often include forensic investigationsThe Forum provided little on Savanna’s disappearance initially The first story appeared online Sunday night and in the newspaper Monday Aug 21 It was a short story 12 sentences in length on page 3 of Section C It included a photo of Savanna a photo that would be featured again and again in media around the world in coming weeks A second update story appeared on page 2 of the A Section the following day but it was even shorterSavanna’s disappearance didn’t become front-page news until Wednesday Aug 23 four days after she had gone missing Some have wondered whether her disappearance would have attracted greater attention and more serious police investigation if she was white*****A member of the Spirit Lake tribe Savanna was born in Belcourt moved to Fargo when she was young and then to the Spirit Lake reservation at age 9 She lived on the reservation until moving to Fargo last year Her father is a Spirit Lake Indian Her mother is a member of the Turtle Mountain band of Chippewa IndiansRelatively little is known about what Fargo police did to try to find Savanna between Saturday Aug 19 and Thursday Aug 24 when they raided the suspects’ apartment and found Savanna’s baby As late as Tuesday Aug 22 Deputy Police Chief Joe Anderson said "there is nothing to suggest criminal activity"Police reported on that Tuesday that they had interviewed Savanna’s family friends employer and neighbors They had conducted two K-9 searches US Customs and Border Protection did an aerial search The Fargo Fire Department searched the river Police had tried unsuccessfully to "ping" her cellphone to determine its location They had contacted hospitals throughout the region to no availResponding on that Wednesday to concerns about whether police were doing enough to find Savanna Fargo Police Chief David Todd who was on vacation at the time said "This is our No 1 priority All of our resources have been focused on this since the beginning"Deputy Chief Anderson said the same day "We are treating it as a criminal investigation and have since Sunday" which seemed to contradict what he said the day before He insisted there was no contradictionThe police response however has inspired many questions from Savanna’s family and friends from the public and the mediaWhy did it take police so long to act Why did it take them until Thursday five days after Savanna’s disappearance to execute a search warrant at Apartment 5If a woman who is pregnant disappears suddenly leaves behind her car and wallet stops using her cellphone completely and remains missing doesn’t that inspire enough suspicion to obtain a search warrant to search the place where she was last seenIf the people who last saw her did things that seem illogical (such as asking a pregnant woman to model a dress) and if neighbors reported hearing strange noises coming from their apartment about the time she disappeared doesn’t that information combined with all the other details justify police elevating the urgency of the searchPolice later said that they lacked a "criminal nexus" required to obtain a search warrant until Wednesday Aug 23 though they have never defined what that means or what information they lackedTo obtain a search warrant police must demonstrate to a judge "probable cause" that something they are seeking in an investigation will be found at the location they wish to search — that it is "more likely than not" to be found according to Cass County District Court Judge Steven Marquart "There’s not a high burden of proof" he said "It’s the least onerous standard of proof in the legal system"*****The apparent breakthrough in the case came Wednesday morning when Fargo police interviewed people who worked with William Hoehn at Assured Quality Roofing in Fargo Lt Nelson told Chris Berg host of the "Point of View" program on KVLY-TV that Hoehn’s coworkers said he had talked about having a baby at homeThat information Nelson said was what police needed to justify obtaining a search warrant for the apartment of Crews and Hoehn Police obtained the search warrant on Wednesday morning but still they didn’t actNelson said that police didn’t execute the search warrant right away because they didn’t know whether Savanna or her baby were in the suspects’ apartment and they didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize their safety Instead they placed the apartment building and the two suspects under surveillanceAbout this time a rumor circulated online that the woman who lived in Apartment 5 was named Dawn Kirby a registered sex offender though the rumor proved to be false On Wednesday night I went to Apartment 5 at the instruction of my editor to interview whoever was thereAs I walked up the stairs in the apartment building and approached Apartment 5 I heard a loud machine noise coming from the apartment It sounded like construction noise possibly an industrial vacuum noise you might hear if an apartment was being rehabbed It was too loud to be a normal home vacuum cleaner or any other common domestic machineryI knocked on the door The machine was turned off A woman behind the door asked who was there I identified myself but she couldn’t hear me sufficiently so she opened the door just wide enough to see me I asked if William Hoehn lived in the apartment She confirmed that he did I asked if he was home She said he wasn’t I asked if she was Dawn Kirby She said she was not that she didn’t know Dawn Kirby that Dawn Kirby did not live there and that she had never heard of Dawn Kirby I asked her name but she wouldn’t tell meLater after Crews and Hoehn were arrested I realized that Crews was the woman with whom I had spokenKnowing that my visit inspired questions What was Crews doing in the apartment when I knocked What sort of machine was she using If the apartment and suspects were under "constant surveillance" as police later said why didn’t police follow me and question me about what I was doing thereWhere was the baby when I visited the apartment It seems unlikely that Crews would have opened the door for me if the baby had been there Three previous police searches of the apartment hadn’t found Savanna or the baby Where was the baby before Thursday’s raid Did Crews and Hoehn move the baby around If they did that shouldn’t police have noticed and tried to intercedeAt 1:41 pm on Thursday Aug 24 police executed a search warrant on Apartment 5 They found Crews at home and much to their surprise found a healthy newborn baby which the suspects told them belonged to SavannaHow is it possible the baby was born four weeks early in such challenging circumstances was healthy when found and has experienced no significant health problemsCrews was arrested Hoehn was arrested soon after at his job The baby was taken to Sanford Children’s Hospital and placed under protective custody of Cass County Social Services until DNA could determine whether Savanna and her boyfriend Ashton were the parents DNA tests have since proven that they are the parents and Ashton has obtained legal custody of his daughter Haisley JoFargo police and investigators from the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation spent the rest of the day searching the apartment building and Apartment 5 and conducting detailed forensic examinations They have not revealed anything about what they found there*****Savanna however remained missing Police seemed to have no clues about where she might be When asked at a news conference the day after the raid whether searches had uncovered any information about her whereabouts Chief Todd said "Not that I’m aware of"Police asked for the public’s help in finding Savanna They called on people to search their properties buildings garages and outbuildings They asked landlords to check vacant properties They encouraged the public to look through dumpsters for suspicious materials They asked anyone who had seen a brown 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee owned by the suspects to contact policeBut when asked if there was a geographic focus to police searches Todd said "We do not have a specific direction to point people in right now"If the suspects and the apartment building were under "constant surveillance" as police have emphasized why did they seem to know so little about where the suspects had been in the days before they were arrested or where they may have taken Savanna or the babyIn an age when we all leave an electronic trail wherever we go and our cell phones constantly know our location how is it that police investigations seemed to uncover so little information about the suspects’ movements or Savanna’s possible whereaboutsFamily and friends of Savanna grew impatient with police and the lack of progress on the search so on Friday Aug 25 they organized their own search and encouraged the public to help Over the next three days hundreds of people fanned out across Fargo looking for clues They looked in parks and wooded areas They looked along the river They looked in residential neighborhoodsPolice were not involved in the public searches when they started On the first day a single police officer stood away from a pavilion where organizers had set up in Trollwood Park merely observing But by the end of the weekend a more collaborative relationship between police and searchers developed Searchers were instructed about what to do if they found anything suspicious and all information was turned over to policeSavanna’s body was found on Sunday night Aug 27 wrapped in plastic and lodged against a tree in the Red River north of Fargo-Moorhead Eight days of intensive searching by law enforcement and the public had failed to produce results Rather the discovery was made by accident by kayakers paddling the river for some weekend fun They saw a body-sized object in the river and contacted policeLaw enforcement agencies also searched a nearby abandoned farmhouse next to the river in rural Clay County Minnesota Volunteer searchers found suspicious items there and alerted police Authorities eventually determined that the farmhouse was not a crime scene and had no connection to the case To date no other location has been identified as a possible crime scene except Apartment 5*****Presumably because Savanna’s body was found on the Minnesota side of the Red River (police won’t say exactly where it was found) it was sent to the Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s Office in St Paul for an autopsy Police received preliminary results of the autopsy two days later but said only that the cause of death was "homicidal violence" No information was provided about the time of death specific cause condition of the body or whether examinations had determined the method by which the baby was bornThe two suspects Crews and Hoehn were formally charged on Monday Aug 28 They were each charged with conspiracy to commit murder conspiracy to commit kidnapping and providing false information to police The charging documents revealed some new information but also raised new questionsCrews and Hoehn told different stories about what happened Crews said she instructed Savanna on the day she disappeared how to induce early childbirth She said Savanna then left her apartment returned two days later at 3:30 am, was a quarterback. But Schweigert’s football philosophy hasn’t changed much since he left UND.

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