The FFWPU and UPF Côte dIvoire organized a major

first_imgThe FFWPU and UPF Côte d’Ivoire organized a major national Seung hwa ceremony, a prayer in tribute to all people who went to the spiritual world during the various military-political crises that the country has known. This event took place on Sunday July 14, 2019, at the City Hall in Abidjan. We had about 400 participants. Imam Namory (Imam of a Grand Mosque) “UPF Côte d’Ivoire and its partners really soothe our heart by organizing this event. I pray that hearts are disarmed and that we can work together to live together … very important to pray for people who have not asked to die. Thank you so much” MANOU BI Kouéli (Senator of the Republic): “This ceremony is so important because it gives us the opportunity to challenge all populations for true peace and true reconciliation in our country … We must unite to impose peace on politicians and all the people of our country “. Mrs GBAKOULI Jeanne (member of CO.VI.CI): “I am really relieved that this ceremony takes place in tribute to our beloved parents who have been unfortunately ripped off … I forgive. I forgive ALL. However, I sincerely pray that all that has bereaved our country is never repeated again. I want children of this nation to give their hands to truly build the country. I ask forgiveness to all those who have been hurt, forgive and support the work that is done by those who invited us here … “center_img by Marius Bouguhe, UPF Cote d’ivoire Reflectionslast_img