The Best Ways to Play Settlers of Catan

first_imgStay on target Best Board GamesThe Best Gifts for Settlers of Catan Lovers Forget Hungry Hungry Hippos and Trouble, for lots of people Settlers of Catan is their gateway drug to more “serious” board games. Since 1995, this Euro-style board game from Klaus Teuber has grown in popularity all over the world. I still remember spending countless college nights strategically bargaining wheat for sheep and deploying hidden knight cards to expand my empire across the map… and then getting screwed by thieves for having too many cards. However, Catan has evolved beyond the original game thanks to various expansions and spin-offs. If you want to play Catan in all of its forms, you clicked on the right article.View as: One Page Slides1. Catan 5-6 Player ExpansionThe only thing better than regular Catan is expanded Catan that supports up to six players.Currently $39.97 on Amazon. Purchase Here.2. Catan 5th EditionThe current version of classic Catan.Currently $30.95 on Amazon. Purchase Here.3. Catan Cities and KnightsKnights already play a big role in normal Catan, but this expansion goes full medieval.Currently $49.99 on Amazon. Purchase Here.4. Catan Histories: Settlers of America Trails to RailsThere are a variety of historical Catan spin-offs under the Catan Histories umbrella, but we selfishly feel that America is a good place to start.Currently $55.00 on Amazon. Purchase Here.5. Catan JuniorCatan is great, but it is also pretty complicated. Ease your kids into cutthroat sheep-hoarding with Catan Junior.Currently $22.81 on Amazon. Purchase Here.6. Catan Explorers and PiratesThe oceanic map of Catan Explorers and Pirates is a big change of pace from the landlocked normal Catan.Currently $59.51 on Amazon. Purchase Here.7. Catan SeafarersIf you want to play Catan at sea, but don’t want to worry about nasty pirates, Catan Seafarers is for you.Currently $37.99 on Amazon. Purchase Here.8. Catan Traders and BarbariansFriendly trade is a backbone of Catan play. Ruthless barbarians have something to say about that.Currently $48.75 on Amazon. Purchase Here.9. Portable CatanWith this convenient box and handle, bringing Catan to party full of friends is as easy as building the longest road.Currently $49.48 on Amazon. Purchase Here.10. Rivals for CatanRivals of Catan takes familiar Catan concepts and lore and remixes them into a two-player card game.Currently $50.00 on Amazon. Purchase Here.11. Star Trek CatanForget the old-fashioned wheat fields, sheep farms, and ore mines of regular Catan and take your settlement building strategies to the stars where they can do some real good. Every true geek needs Star Trek Catan.Currently $54.99 on Amazon. Purchase Here.last_img