When It Comes To Endangered Plant Species Botanic Gardens Are The Best

first_imgDid you know there were several varieties of endangered plant species out there? When you hear the term, it’s easy to go straight to animals and think about the species we may never see again, but the truth of the matter is there are several plant species out there that are slowly going extinct as well. The best hope for keeping them around, as you might imagine, maybe keeping them in botanic gardens around the world, according to the BBC.According to a study published in Nature Plants, researchers have estimated with data from the Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) that said botanic gardens grow about 105,634 different species of plants. That comes out to about 30% of about 350,699 different kinds of plant species currently in the wild out there and known to scientists. Of that, according to the report, only about 10% of the gardens are comprised of endangered species. It appears that some of the more endangered kinds of plant life aren’t actually very well represented in the botanic gardens either.However, with that said, this data will help diversify and improve the representation of various plant species that aren’t being preserved right now or at the very least not preserved well. Researchers will need to up this number considerably to help keep some of the plant life that appear to be dying out at a more exponential rate.So while botanic gardens may be the best way we can keep these plants in danger of dying out safe, it seems that there’s still a ways to go when it comes to making sure the species in the most trouble are included. Hopefully going forward these gardens can be expanded to include those plants that are in the most danger of being pushed out of existence so we can start to preserve the plant life that’s so near and dear to our hearts, just as much as the animals we strive to protect.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img