Twitter Might Allow You to Edit Your Tweets in 2017

first_img How many times have you written out what you thought was a brilliant tweet, only to be forced to delete and repost it because you made a typo? It’s happened to me more times than I can count during the nine years I’ve been using the social media service, and I’ve never understood why there wasn’t an “edit” button, at least a temporary one, to keep me from making these embarrassing mistakes. Sure, I could just proofread better, but mistakes can and do happen.That’s why it’s such great news that Twitter, namely CEO Jack Dorsey, is interested in ways the company can improve the service or create new options for it in 2017. It seems many were concerned with bookmarks and safety and reporting options according to Recode, but the overwhelming replies came in the form of requests for an edit button.Dorsey claims that Twitter is considering all of those things, but asked a follow-up question to users who made it very clear that an edit button was at the top of their wish lists: “Is it more important to edit for spelling/corrections? 5-minute window to edit mistakes or do you need to be able to edit anytime?”The company is “thinking a lot about it,” including improved conversational threading, multiple timelines, and various other implements that will hopefully become a reality in the new year. An edit option takes the cake, since you can put limits on it if you don’t want users going back and changing what they said (though this shouldn’t matter since you can always delete the whole thing). It should have been available all along, and maybe finally we’ll have a crack at self-editing rather than having to mess up the entire flow of our tweets to fix a misspelled word. Elon Musk’s Cheeky ‘Nuke Mars!’ Post Is Taking Over TwitterTwitter Tests Subscribe-to-Replies Feature Stay on targetlast_img