Netflix will stream episodes of new Star Trek series everywhere except US

first_imgThere’s a new Star Trek series coming next year, and it just got a whole lot easier to watch without resorting to torrent sites. Netflix has announced that it will be the exclusive streaming partner for CBS’ new Star Trek series. Netflix will stream the program to all 188 countries in which it operates when it premieres next year. That does not, however, include the US and Canada.Netflix is calling itself the “exclusive premiere home” of the new Star Trek series, but that might not be entirely accurate. Unlike one of Netflix’s original series, CBS is going to air episodes of the new Trek once per week just like the olden days before the Internet. The actual premiere of each episode will take place on CBS All Access in the US and Canada, a streaming service that costs $5.99 per month. The first episode will also be aired on the CBS network as a special event.If you are a Netflix subscriber outside the US and Canada, Netflix will get each episode for streaming within 24 hours of its debut on All Access. CBS probably realized confining the new Trek to a streaming service that isn’t available everywhere was doing it a disservice — especially if it wants to rekindle interest in the franchise as a series.Star Trek will start filming in September for its January 2017 premiere. As part of this deal, Netflix has also secured the rights to all existing Star Trek TV series for all its 188 territories — these were previously only available in certain markets. That’s 727 episodes of Star Trek coming your way by the end of 2016 to get you pumped for the new Trek next year.last_img