Calling all Macedonians in Australia and New Zealand

first_imgA new book on the history of Greek Macedonians in Australia and New Zealand is calling for submissions from members of the community. Macedonian Hellenes and their descendants, as well as leaders and members of the Greek Macedonian Associations all around Australia and New Zealand are invited to participate in this research project by contributing their story and by completing the questionnaires, with information about their lives, their contribution and their perceptions. Descendents of Macedonian Hellenes who passed away will now have the opportunity to record the history and input of their ancestors to be included in the book and their details saved for the future generations. The participants are asked to share their migration experience and their contribution in Australia. They can record the year of their arrival, the places where they resided over the years, the names of their children and their achievement or even their grievances. The 900 page book that is being worked under the title Macedonian Hellenes in Oceania (Australia and New Zealand) is being coordinated by Professor Anastasios M. Tamis of the School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Notre Dame Australia. The book will be researched in association with the Anniversary of the Liberation of Macedonia from the Ottoman Rule (1922), the Pan-Macedonian Association of Melbourne and Victoria (PEMV) with the collaboration of the Australian Institute for Macedonian Studies (AIMS) and the assistance of other Macedonian Federations in NSW, S.A. and W.A. The volume will comprise of two parts. Part A will incorporate the main corpus of the content and Part B will consist of an Appendix-Index in which the names and the brief history of all Macedonian Hellenes who will be willing to participate in this research will appear. Part A will investigate, analyse and document the history of the Macedonian Hellenic emigration, settlement, their socio-economic standing, their cultural contribution, their organisations and associations, their relations with Greece, the Greeks and other ethnic groups, as well as issues on identity. The volume will also cover the history of those personalities who shaped the history of Macedonian Hellenism in Australia and New Zealand and will outline certain aspects of the so called Macedonian question. Part two of the book, will have a short yet concise history of the migration experience of all those Macedonian Hellenes who decided to complete the questionnaires, whether they had served in any Macedonian organisation or not, as well as the chronological history of the Macedonian Hellenic settlement in Canada, U.S.A. and Oceania from 1890 to 2012. The forthcoming book will include approximately 600 selected photos depicting individual and collective stories from Oceania. Questionnaires could be received from the PEMV offices; however they may also be posted to any organization of individual upon request. Please call the PEMV offices (03) 9489 3512 or 9312 1937 or the mobile 0416 252722. Alternatively you may request questionnaires or further information from [email protected] or [email protected] including your name(s) and your postal address. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img