Mojangs next game Scrolls goes open beta in April

first_imgAround two years ago, after Minecraft had already become an indie darling, Mojang revealed their second full-featured game. Called Scrolls, the game is a digital CCG, and is completely different from Minecraft in every way — right down to the smooth, cartoon-like graphical style. The game has been kicking around for over a year now in one alpha state or another, but today Mojang stated that we’ll finally see a public beta of the game starting late next month. So, we’re only about one month away from a day when those of us who missed the alpha can get our hands on Mojang’s only non-Minecraft foray into the video game world.The Scrolls will follow the pay-and-release structure that Minecraft did, with the open beta will be available for a discounted price, with the purchase willing future updates. A hard price has not been announced as of yet, but Mojang cofounder, Jakob Porser, said that the price will be similar to Minecraft’s beta price, which was around $10 to $20 depending on the state of the game over the course of its development.Initially, Scrolls will only release on Windows, but a Mac version is planned after that, and the team is looking into a Linux version as well.Those of you afraid of the recent surge in the free-to-play, cash shop PC pricing model needn’t worry. Mojang is planning to release Scrolls as single purchase, which will include long-term support. Don’t be surprised if there are superfluous cash shop additions though, such as aesthetic avatar upgrades or more in-depth stat-tracking.Though Scrolls is certainly a journey into a niche genre — digital CCG where you don’t even have physical cards to collect and show off — Mojang may be onto something. At PAX East 2013, Blizzard announced its own digital CCG, Hearthstone, which also aims to allow players to play the full game without having to spend any money.Read more: Mojang launches Minecraft Realms subscription servicelast_img