Terminally ill fan gets to watch Star Trek into Darkness early

first_imgThere’s always a lot of good will shown over the Christmas period, but it usually comes from friends and family, not a movie studio and high-profile director like JJ Abrams. However, when a terminally ill Star Trek fan and Reddit are involved, the impossible can be made to happen.A 41-year-old man named Daniel living in New York is a huge fan of Star Trek while at the same time only having weeks to live due to not only fighting leukemia, but also having an aggressive tumor attacking his body. His trips in and out of hospital have meant he couldn’t use The Hobbit tickets he had, which would have allowed him to see the 9 minute Star Trek into Darkness preview. So a friend of his posted a plea on Reddit asking if anyone could help him see the preview.The response Daniel’s friend and family got was surprising to say the least. Paramount, Bad Robot, and JJ Abrams all heard about the plea and decided to do something about it. Star Trek into Darkness isn’t due to hit movie theaters for another 5 months, but Abrams and Bad Robot sorted out a rough cut screening of the entire film for Daniel and his wife which happened on December 30. They are both obviously sworn to secrecy about the content of the movie.Daniel apparently had a very big smile on his face for the entire movie, something which understandably hasn’t happened very often over the past few years of treatment. And as a parting gift his wife is truly thankful to both Abrams and the Internet community for making it happen.It’s also worth reminding everyone this isn’t the first time JJ Abrams has performed such a kind gesture for a Star Trek fan. Randy Pausch, the terminally ill computer science professor, was given a small part on the 2009 Star Trek movie and even got to say a line. Unfortunately he died before the movie saw a release, but he will forver be a part of it.Reddit and TrekMovielast_img