Sony Tablet S successor with Tegra 3 and ICS outed

first_imgIt looks like Sony’s first Android tablets — the wedge-shaped Tablet S and clamshell Tablet P — may soon be getting some company. According to a new set of Nenamark scores, the company is working on a Tegra 3 tablet that’s currently badged as the Sony V150.Their original slates were based on the Tegra 2 SOC, so it’s not a complete surprise that Sony is working on a successor using Nvidia’s latest and greatest. The quad-core (or is it penta-core?) Tegra 3 is clocked at 1.4GHz and should provide plenty of gaming muscle. The V150 Nenamark scores also revealed that it’s currently running a 1280×752 pixel display like the Tablet S.While that could mean that the V150 will launch with the same panel, there’s always a chance that these scores came from a prototype unit that featured a new board crammed into the existing 9.4-inch chassis.But even though the screen matches up at this point, there’s one other key feature apart from the processor that differentiates the Tablet S and the V150. The new model will also ship with Android 4.0 preinstalled, so purchasers won’t have to wait around for an OTA update to arrive — and we know all too well how frustrating that can be. Just ask the Asus Transformer owners who rode the update release rollercoaster for two months until Google finally gave the patch their stamp of approval.The Tablet S and Tablet P are supposed to receive the update “this Spring,” but Sony hasn’t gotten more specific than that. For the sake of existing owners, let’s hope Sony gets them updated before the V150 hits the streets.More at Netbook Newslast_img