Thinner MacBook Pro to launch in April Dont bet on it

first_imgWhile millions of Apple fans focus their collective gaze on next week’s iPad 3 event, that hasn’t stopped rumors about other Apple products from trickling in. Analysts and supply chain leaks all agree that the MacBook Pro will get a design refresh sometime this year, but, until today, nobody really knew when to expect that.Now trade publication DigiTimes has chimed in to say that the new — thinner — MacBook Pro will be launching as soon as April. The report says that the combination of the thinner MacBook Pros and the delay of Intel’s Ivy Bridge CPUs (from April to June) will “create a significant threat against Ultrabooks.” The publication’s data comes from alleged supply chain sources.Most analysts agree that we’ll see a thinner MacBook Pro this year. It will likely take on an appearance that’s closer to the MacBook Air, losing its optical drive and HDD, and adopting a solid state drive. It will likely differentiate itself by having higher-end specs than the Air. The Air, meanwhile, could also get even thinner to more clearly separate the two lines.April, however, sounds too soon — simply because Apple tends to spread out its events. The iPad 3 event will take place next Wednesday, and a radical refresh of the MacBook Pro would warrant another event. As there have been no hints of anything Mac-related at the iPad event, this would mean two major events only a month or so apart. That isn’t impossible, but it would be out of character for Apple. And, of course, this will all be dependent on Intel’s release and the availability of Ivy Bridge chips which Intel has said will be out later than originally expected.Of course you’ll want to take this one with loads of salt. It is probably a safe bet that you’ll see a razor-thin MacBook Pro sometime this year, just don’t hold your breath on seeing it in the next couple of months.via DigiTimeslast_img