Developers claim they cant work with cheap inadequate Wii U hardware

first_imgNintendo is not having a very good 2011. The 3DS did not sell well in the months after launch and now a big price drop and Ambassadors Program has been put in place to save it. Then we learned a second analog stick was being added to the device in the form of a cradle, raising more questions as to why it wasn’t included as part of the hardware in the first place.But while the 3DS struggles, Nintendo always has the promise of the Wii U and its touchscreen panel controller, right? Well, not if the latest feedback from developers trying to work on the platform is anything to go by.Apparently the Wii U development hardware has been rushed out and is pretty much broken. By broken we mean that the wireless communication system between the controller and the machine does not work. Even worse, the wired version of the controller also doesn’t work properly. Developers are also claiming that the chipset Nintendo decided to use isn’t good enough, in other words, they went with an inexpensive solution that is inadequate for the task.The situation is thought to be so bad that developers have to wait for the latest software patches to be released by Nintendo to see if they allow development to continue. These daily updates may improve things, but if the underlying hardware isn’t good enough surely a rethink will be required?While Nintendo will obviously be able to react to the issues and update the final consumer Wii U hardware, having developers sit around unable to work is not a great sign for a successful launch. If it continues, we could see far fewer launch titles available for the new machine next year ( (expected in June), or even in the months that follow the launch. As the 3DS has shown, without regular game releases the hardware doesn’t sell.For the moment this feedback from developers has not been officially confirmed as no one with a Nintendo contract is going to go on record. We may not find out how bad the situation really is until Nintendo announces the line-up of games for  the Wii U launch. If there’s only a handful of third-party titles we’ll know development has been a real challenge.Read more at 01net (translated), via CVGlast_img