8 sitcom theme tunes youll have to sing along to

first_img1. Perfect StrangersWho were you more like? Cousin Larry or Balki?Uploaded by lurrz2. Family TiesSha-la-la-laaaaaaUploaded by BlastFromThePast3. CheersHi Norm!Uploaded by PopularNostalgia4. Fresh Prince of Bel AirSMELL YOU LATER! Uploaded by Vissor5.Who’s the Boss?Hold me closer Tony Danza6. The Wonder YearsNostalgia overdose!Uploaded by RedFarmer7. Silver SpoonsTogetheeeeer, we’re gonna find our way…Uploaded by Aquatica8. Kate and AllieThis song came at the end of each episode rather than at the beginning…Uploaded by 513official4Video: A Capella Star Wars Theme Tune of the Day>last_img