FluidIntel benchmarking helps make mine service trucks more productive

first_imgLarge mine sites generally utilise a number of service trucks to refill vehicles.  A site with three service trucks may have as many as 14 different service operators running these vehicles, and each vehicle can cost up to A$3 million a year to operate. In one benchmarking study conducted by FluidIntel, the average productivity of a service truck varied from 15,000 litres of fuel dispensed per day to 22,500 litres. Given this variation, it can be very challenging for mines to determine exactly how many service trucks they require in order to be as productive as possible.FluidIntel states: “We reviewed data for each service truck transaction per shift across two large mining operations. For these mine sites, we had previously fitted their service trucks with AdaptMAC hardware, which transmitted data to AdaptIQ for storage and reporting. The data revealed that one mine that had not been using the data to improve performance showed a great variation in output per shift and indicated a major difference in the performance of operators. The second mine, which had been using the data to improve their productivity, had a significantly higher productivity and smaller variation between operators.”last_img